[KLIPING] What I’m telling MY daughter about HER education!

Pesan Dr Thomas Ho kepada putrinya: "You’ve got to
take RESPONSIBILITY for your own education!" padahal dia 
adalah professor besar di Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. 
Menarik sekali seorang pendidik di jenjang setinggi itu masih 
dengan rendah hati menyadari betapa sistem pendidikan 
di sana begitu usang. 
Baca artikel menarik tulisan beliau di sini: http://theorlandoblog.com/2011/11/09/what-im-telling-my-daughter-about-her-education/ - Ines Setiawan
What I’m telling MY daughter about HER education!- 

Thomas Ho

Bottom line: You’ve got to take RESPONSIBILITY for your own education! What do I mean by that?
I followed up my recent posts to The Orlando Blog with a post on my own blog on how I would encourage the use of technology to:
  • Assess learning
  • Accountability
  • Advocate
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My daughter and I looking into a mirrored ceiling reflects my concern about how difficult it is to see into her future!
I was motivated to do that because I have concluded that our current institutional approach to education is NOT motivating the learning which will be necessary to “future-proof” our students’ education! Our over-reliance on standardized testing to measure learning has crowded out much opportunity for innovation so that students are lulled into a false sense of security to “do what they are told” in exchange for the false assurance that they will be rewarded with “good” grades which they interpret as evidence that they are learning what and how they need to prepare for their future education and careers which we are simply unable to predict due to technology, globalization, and other wrenching changes whose effects have NOT YET manifested themselves to the extent that they eventually will, i.e. “you ain’t seen nothing YET!”

Whether you take matters entirely into your own hands as Dale J. Stephens has or if you adopt a more modest approach, the point is that YOU have to take RESPONSIBILITY for your own education! You have the means to do so in a way that I could not have even dreamed when I was your age (I’m 47 years older) and yet your education STILL looks so much like mine! Especially, you have access to the Internet…I did NOT!

How can you take more responsibility for your own education with the Internet? You have access to a vast array of open educational resources (OER) such as Khan Academy and Wikipedia. Beyond these relatively well-known OER, there are even more potentially powerful (but less known) ones such as MIT OpenCourseWare and many others. If you prefer learning in less structured ways via one-to-one interaction, social media services such as Twitter and Google+ and communication tools such as Skype can be leveraged to engage subject matter experts (like myself) who would gladly respond to any student who wanted to learn more about what fascinates us so much that we have devoted our lives to explore the frontiers of knowledge in a broad spectrum of subjects.

As you have heard from me before, I am especially bullish about harnessing social media not only for learning, but also to prepare our young people for the inevitable day when the traditional transcript and resume will be dead because your portfolio and digital footprint (note the date on this link because there are more recent ones but I wanted to make the point about how long some of us have already realized) will matter more!
What will YOU tell your daughter?


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